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Why you should choose Campadillo?

What is Campadillo? Why should I use it?

Campadillo is a schedule planner aimed at the academic environment. It is a tool designed to improve efficiency, help peers collaborate and modernize the management of a university.

Is my data secure?

Campadillo will provide HTTPS access, protecting every bit of information transferred between our server and you. Furthermore, we use modern technologies and techniques to ensure that our system has no vulnerabilities.

Why is Campadillo better than its alternatives?

The strongest points of our product are the modern, intuitive user experience, accessibility, speed, and intelligent tools. Campadillo provides superior services and a smart calendar, making it the better choice.

Do I have to install any software?

No. Campadillo is an online service and is accessible through any modern Internet browser. Our web application is also designed to work on mobile device screens, but we will also provide specialized apps for the mobile platforms.