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Campadillo for Schools & Universities

Our academic schedule planner can easily increase the level of educational quality in your school or university. By integrating our app with your institution management system, you will be able the gather together professors, students and administrative staff.


Brings everyone together and
keeps them connected

Communication is a key element when it comes to the relation between the professor and the students. Using Campadillo, the professors are able to communicate more easily with their students, manage deadlines and upload materials for each course in no time.

This way, the students will always be up to date with every aspect and they will become more and more productive and ready for any class. All of them will be able to access this information from anywhere, by using any digital device.


Reduces bureaucratic
work and costs

We are all aware of the complexity of a bureaucratic system and we know that this type of management makes things harder to complete. One of our main objectives is to help administrative stuff to manage easily their resources, to organize better classes and to be in touch with anyone from anywhere. Say goodbye to paper work!


Easy access to
administrative information

Our academic platform also aims to offer students and professors a more effective way to access the administrative information. Contacting the administrative staff regarding any issue was never simpler.


Keep all data in a digital,
secured medium

We live in a digital era, where any data can be stored digitally and can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.We want to help you gather all of your notes in one place, reducing the chance to lose any important school materials. And when it comes to storing data, we can assure you that every piece of information is kept safe on powerful and secured servers.

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