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Campadilo for students

As former students ourselves, we know how hard it is too keep an eye on every academic aspect – from time planning or assignment submissions to personal progress tracking – and enjoy your free time. How can Campadillo help you?


Keep your stuff organized,
in one place

As a student, it is ideal to have all your stuff organized and in one place. And for this, Campadillo, gathers all the things you need: classes, courses, deadlines, classmates and much more. In addition, you will be permanently in touch with your professors and colleagues and we will make sure that you will never miss a single class or a deadline.


Stay updated with your
academic progress

We've implemented a modern and intelligent notification system that will notify you when a deadline approaches or someone replied to your latest comments regarding a project or other topics.

Also, our notification system will learn from your behavior. That being said, our app will become more insistent if you are often late with your assignments and it will be less pushy if you submit your work in time. This way, you won't miss any deadline.


Quick access to all the
information you need

Using modern web technologies and ideas, we created what we believe to be a flawless user experience. You will be able to access your calendar notes, messages, and notifications using any browser or any mobile device that is connected to the Internet.


Become a better student and enjoy your free time!

Given the fact that you will have access to all the information you need, at any time, in any place, your academic life will be much easier and you will enjoy your free time. With Campadillo, you will became a better student!

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