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Campadilo for professors

Using Campadillo as a professor will make you a rock-star. You will be able to keep track of your students' progress, you will easily assign tasks and manage deadlines. Also, periodically, our application will generate a full report that gathers all the information you need about your students' academic life. In fact, as a professor, you will be able to:


Schedule classes and
assign projects

Campadillo will help you organize and manage projects and classes and will assist you plan and schedule events in the blink of an eye.


Maintain a good relation
with your students

One of our objectives when we designed this app was to bring students closer to their professors. And now this is possible. You, as a professor, will be able to communicate easily with your students, send messages and exchange feedback.


Keep an eye on
their progress

No need to keep piles of data papers for your students. We are giving you the possibility to supervise any activity through Campadillo. Professors will be able to see the progress of their students, give feedback and make full activity reports at the end of every month, semester or year.


Become a better

With all these tools at hand, we are convinced that your job will be easier and you will have time to focus more on your students, to develop a better relationship with them and to become a better mentor.

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