Free Blackboard alternative

Blackboard free alternative

Try Campadillo – a free of charge academic platform

Tired of looking for the best Blackboard plan for your needs?

Choosing a big and complex system as Blackboard for your digital classroom can be very difficult given the fact that is a premium platform for which you have to pay.

Blackboard charges you for any plan you choose and even if you choose COURSE Sites by Blackboard you will get a limited number of courses to manage for Free.

Also, with Blackboard you have a limited number of accounts that you can manage. That means that the more accounts you want to manage, the more money you have to pay.

Manage your classrooms without fees with Campadillo

You are looking for a FREE alternative to Blackboard system? Well, here you have it!

Campadillo helps you manage your digital classrooms easier, free of charge and that means:

No setup fees;
No limited accounts;
Free access to all our features;

Free of charge academic platform

Try our free Blackboard alternative